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Welcome to the Jewish Calendar website.
You can find in these pages a presentation of the historical, religious, astronomical and cultural aspects of the Jewish Calendar, as well as tools and resources.
.: Today :.
22 Sivan 5779
25 June 2019
כ"ב סיון ה-תשע"ט
Daf Yomi: ערכין ט
25 June in History [40]
Rabbi Menashe b. Yisrael applied for official permission to practice Judaism in England, 1656. Permission was granted (surprise?) bu the Council of State.

.: Zmanim :.
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mardi 25/06/2019
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Alot haShachar: 3h02
Earliest tefilin: 4h16
Netz: 5h48

Latest Shema (GR"A): 9h50
Latest tefila (GR"A): 11h11
Chatzot: 13h53

Mincha gedola: 14h33
Mincha qetana: 18h36
Plag haMincha: 20h17

Shqiya: 21h58
Tzeit haKochavim: 22h50

Shaa zmanit 1h20

.: Shabbat :.
Paris, France
(summer time)
candles before: Shabbat ends:
21h40 23h04
Shelaḥ Lekha
שלח לך
שבת מברכים
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.: Upcoming Events :.
Rosh Chodesh Tamouz on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 July
Fast of Tamuz on Sunday 21 July
Tisha b' Av on Sunday 11 August

40 : Orthodox Union
Provided by Phil Chernofsky from OU/NCSY Israel Center in Tora Tidbits, based on the book Day by Day in Jewish History by Rabbi Abraham P. Bloch.